drawing of a tokay gekko Steph Richards: CSS Jedi [learn more]


  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • InDesign — Print and Interactive PDFs
  • Flash
  • Eloqua / Marketo


  • Web Design
  • Typography — Web and Print
  • User Experience
  • Web Graphics
  • Wireframing / Mock-ups / Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Graphic / Print Design
  • Print Production / Photo Editing
  • Technical Illustration
  • Lead / Demand Generation
  • SEO

Coding Practices

  • Web Standards / Best Practices
  • Semantic Web
  • Mobile First
  • Graceful Degradation / Progressive Enhancement
  • Cross-browser and Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Separation of Concerns (Functionality vs. Design)
  • Pixel-Perfect Translation of Designs into Code

Coding Ethos

My projects start with a great design and the pixel-perfect translation of ideas into code. I believe a polished design is essential to a strong web presence. I believe that a brand can be represented equally well on the web as it can be in print.

I have a deep knowledge of CSS & HTML, wireframes & mock-ups, architecture & user experience. I’m fluent with everything Adobe. I care about web standards, graceful degradation, semantic web, separation of concerns, mobile first, and typography on the web. I’ve been following standards and best practices since I started this site in 2005. I stay abreast of trends and developments by following the blogs & posts of industry leaders.

As a designer and developer, I am uniquely poised to understand both the world of Marketing and that of Engineering and how they can best be made to work smoothly, optimally, beautifully together on any project.

My Specialties

I do everything web (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Flash), as well as advanced photo editing, graphic design, print production, demand generation, and anything else that needs doing.

  • Front-end development: HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Website design and development for desktop and mobile
  • Web application user experience, information architecture, and front-end development
  • CSS consultation and QA for functionality and browser compatibility
  • Landing pages and email campaigns
  • Graphic design for digital and print ads, emails, pdfs, manuals, posters, booth graphics, packaging, etc.
  • Print production and extensive knowledge of printing techniques (4-color and digital)

Consulting for Small Businesses

A vast majority of my independent work has been focused on small businesses who need someone who really knows their stuff. My primary aim has been to help artists and individuals who need a website to get started or draw clients. I am willing to help with all stages of the process, including instructional sessions about maintanence and marketing.

I always promote best practices and teach willing clients how to follow those practices as well. I encourage clients to think about deign flexibility to support both desktop and mobile sites. Contact me for more information.

Want to know more about me? Check out my LinkedIn profile!